Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Autumn Equinox

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The autumn equinox is here bringing a very special kind of energy and closure. In the question of predetermined destiny vs. freewill we remain caught within the consequences of our earlier actions. Things we have set in motion in the past determine what we experience today.

Free will does exist in that the main events of the year are determined and created astrally up to one year in advance like a printing que on a printer. The autumn equinox is when the cosmic clock marks the time and says "that's all for the coming year".

Any plans or projects that haven't physically manifested by this time need to be withdrawn and re-evaluated for submission into next years potential events. They can be resubmitted in the spring with new energy and vitality.

The time period between now and Samhain or Halloween is when the astral is "re-booting" itself in preparation for printing out the new list of events and activities. This is also the time of the final harvest of the year when physical events mature to their fullest.

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