Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Candlemass or Imbolc

New Life!


For good or bad we have received our portion of light to last through the coming year. It lies dormant within us like a medicine that we have taken but it has not hit the bloodstream. As the days become longer the energy flow through the earth is reversing. A purging process needs to take place very much like priming a pump.

This happens at the first full moon after the winter solstice. Fortunately this year January 3rd is the full moon and this is approaching quickly. We will feel the lingering effects of the winter solstice and the Christmas Holidays through the New Year's celebration.

Throughout the coming month it will be a gathering of these new forces in preparation for shooting them forth as the first new life energies of spring.

After the 3rd of January this new energy will hit our systems and we will feel it subjectively within ourselves. The first compression or pulsing does not happen until February 2nd. That is when this energy will shoot through our bodies and the earth for the first time.

In the meantime it will churn within us and activate dormant areas preparing them for new life and activity. This will not always be pleasant.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The Incoming Christ Light at Christmas

Feel the Cold!


Yuletide and Christmas is a time of giving. Instinctively many of us feel the rightness of giving love and support at this time of year. There is a metaphysical reason for this.

The winter solstice marks an important turning point where the days stop getting shorter and begin to get longer. This leads to a reversal of energy within the astral worlds. But there is something even more important that happens at this time of year.

There is a massive inpouring of love and light from the Cosmic at this time. We call this the return of the Christ Spirit. During this time we each receive the quantity of spiritual light that will be used throughout the coming year. This spiritual light is like money that we can spend anyway we wish but when it is gone there is no more until Christmas of the next year. We use this for reaching our goals and for protection.

The lunar cycle and full moons during the year act like a giant heart beating and circulate our energy through the astral worlds. When we encounter resistance or danger our energy is depleted and used up. If we have enough to begin with and use it wisely there will still be some left as Christmas nears the next time. If our light is gone we will be experiencing dark times indeed.

Instinctively we realize this and as Christmas nears we empty ourselves of any remaining light that we have. We do this by unselfish giving to those we love and to those in need. The old light will be no good in the new year and must be spent or it will be wasted. In addition by emptying ourselves we ensure that we can receive as much of this Christ energy as possible when it comes to us.

I have felt this light come into my heart many times during Christmas Eve. It is truely a time for rejoicing.

bright blessings

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