Sunday, November 05, 2006


Winter is coming!

Feel the Cold!

Samhain or Halloween has come and gone along with the colorful leaves. The final harvests have been brought in from the fields and it's time to button up for cold weather. I just threw away the old Jack-o-lantern.

In terms of energy and life events it is time to consolidate our positions and stockpile our reserves. For me this means getting Anarchist World ready for Yule Tide and Christmas.

In the ancient mystery schools and religions this time of year was a time of initiation and introspection. People spent more time indoors and there was not as much to do.

New energy comes into the world at the winter solstice. That is why it is a sacred time. From now until then preparation is the key word. Metaphorically the seed is in the ground under the snow waiting for the incoming light at Yule Tide to vitalize it. When the harvest is done the seed is planted to rest in the ground over winter. We make our final preparations because soon it will be too late.

I think back over the past year and wonder at how much has been acomplished! It seems amazing.

It was only last February that I first began posting episodes of Anarchistic Knight:Apprentice on the internet. That grew through the summer into the publishing of six serialadventures reaching out to vastly different audiences. Each has been successful, some more than Anarchist Knight:Apprentice has been.

In addition Anarchist World was created as a focus or gathering spot for my own projects and for others of like mind to use as they choose. Anarchist World is a very solid project and I have big plans for it in the future. It is already gaining in the search engines.

Lastly like a dream come true Anarchist Knight:Apprentice is now available both as a download and as a paperback book. These are my realities as the winter solstice nears. I have done well this past year. It was a good harvest. Next year will be even greater!

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