Saturday, January 20, 2007


Predictions for 2007-Building Bridges

The Earth is waking

I was reading some predictions for 2007 at the local coffee shop and thought it might be interesting to give some info on what I sense happening this coming year.

To begin with, the New Eon is here! The energy grid for the new eon is in place and functioning. The earth and all life forms are energy systems powered by the dual forces of positive and negative energies. Just like your computer working on alternating current, the universe is driven by its own alternating current.

What will this be like? Imagine the entire world placed in a microwave and the power being turned on! Things will be heating up from the inside out! Alternating current now dominates our world and it reflects the natural duality of the universal energies. Alternating current is flowing through us as well.

We can call these two forces Spiritual/Light energy and Earth/Life energy. They are active within us as our Holy Guardian Angel or Higher Self and our Shadow or Power Animal aspect.

Within us these aspects are plugged into the new energy and surging with thousands of volts coming from the earth's energy grid for the first time in a serious manner. Both our inner angels and inner demons are surging to life with a vengeance. We can expect humanity to continue polarizing along spiritual/materialistic lines. We can also expect more outbursts of psychotic behaviors-good and bad-as people struggle with these two giants.

The safest course of action is to connect and integrate these power sources as soon as possible to protect yourself from stray events that will be flying around like bullets. Plugging into this new energy and getting it first hand will be difficult with increased craziness but like a flu shot it will protect you from the worst yet to come.

As people and events zap you during the coming year remember being zapped is a minor adjustment. You may feel drained but hundreds of small zaps are much better than an intense lightning bolt that shatters your life with the force of its intensity. Your connection to both inner power sources will help "ground" static charges that you may encounter.

Violence happens when the energy must move and there is no other way. When the voltage gets too high it leaps across the chasm like a lighting bolt. Build bridges to make ways for this energy. Don't try to hide from it.

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