Thursday, March 20, 2008


The Spring Equinox

Life Bursting Forth!

There is a four beat to nature's cycle and to life's cycle. At Yuletide or the winter solstice the next years energy pours into the earth as light and spiritual energy. This energy is a tide that moves through the astral planes surrounding the earth. It moves from the top downward and infuses the lowest layers by the time of the spring equinox. This first cycle is also known as the quickening as new life is preparing to be born within the womb of mother earth. All is hidden beneath the winter snows.

This first beat is nearing completion and we can look forward to the second cycle as it begins at the spring equinox in March. The second beat of the cycle involves the energy continuing to stream into the core of the earth and piling up with no where to go except backward and upward toward the original source. We percieve this reverse current as the earth bursting forth with new life from the ground upward. This has also been termed the birth.

The third beat is the summer solstice and the fourth beat is the fall equinox. Of equal interest are the midpoints between these four beats. The midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox has passed. Candlemass or Imbolc was the full moon on the 3rd of February this year. The midpoints are lunar festivals triggered by the respective full moons.

We are now dealing with the time period between this midpoint and the spring equinox. At this time as the new energy fills the lower astral levels it is also blending the astral layers and moving between them. There is a vertical movement as things struggle to find their rightful place according to how much of this new energy they contain. Those with the most get the favored positions and those with less move to secondary spots. The year's harvest is already being set up in advance. This is a fierce struggle for life in a finite space. Something has got to give. Some have got to lose and others will gain. As I mentioned in my last post we should all know by now what kind of spring we might expect.

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