Thursday, April 03, 2008



The Fire Down Below

Beltane marks the midpoint between the Spring equinox and the Summer solstice. Traditionally it is the full moon with the sun in Taurus. It signals the end of the leafing season in nature and the beginning of the flowering season. It also marks the end of the Water initiation and the beginning of the Air initiation.

This time of year corresponds to the SIX card of the Tarot.
The astral levels are merging during this time. Our "baptism" or Ascension is at an end and our future is secured. As the levels merge there is an outpouring of love upon the entire world. They merge from the top downward and the resolution of these energies acts as a spiritual blessing on those whose life is affected in their downward movement.

The energy that has been coming into the earth since the winter solstice as reached an intensity or concentration where the astral layers can not contain it and they rupture or merge allowing things that exist on the higher astral levels to move to a lower level and become closer to physical manifestation.

These Key events cast ripples of cause and effect onto the entire world. It marks the beginning of the Transfiguration or the Unification of our lives if we are prepared for it.
This is a symbolic joining of male and female energies in a spiritual marriage of unity, fertilization, and blessing. Nature rejoices in a flowering growth as life matures and comes of age. Everything holds a promise of the bright future that lies ahead.

The key events of our lives for the coming year are at this time embedded in the fixed etheric levels and the energy within them reaches a climax during the following full moon known as the Christ Festival as that energy begins to back up with no where else to go. This energy is preparing those key events in advance and happens before the physical manifestation of astral events can occur.

As the energy pours into the lower levels it reaches the core of the earth and begins to back up with no where else to go but up. This brings the activation of the lower energy centers and the increased sexual passion we feel in the spring. The Beltaine fires are the fires down below that are stirring and bringing forth new life and prosperity in many guises.

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