Thursday, May 29, 2008


The Summer Solstice


The Summer solstice marks the middle of the flowering season. The official beginning of summer it is also the longest day of the year and marks the shortening of daylight hours. This time corresponds to the EIGHT cards of the Tarot. There is a reversal of energy flow as the days begin to get shorter. The flow of energy is now from the earth outward.

The Christ Festival of the full moon immediately preceding this corresponds to the SEVEN cards of the Tarot. At that time key events and individuals in the astral worlds received a down pouring of spiritual energy to ensure they would become physical reality. In practical terms we pruned and weeded our gardens and projects getting rid of things that were not making it and paying attention to those that were left. We sorted out our plan of action to carry us through the summer.

Now at the time of the Summer solstice all astral activity takes place from the earth's core upward. There is forced expansion at all levels as the earth produces material things to ensure the harvest will be complete. In nature the flowers mature at their full size. Our plans materialize and manifest in their first physical forms. In gardening terms we can see the plants that have grown from the seeds we have sown. They are young and still need to be cared for and mature before they can be harvested.

From a spiritual perspective light pours into the minds of men and we are able to perceive clearly and understand truly the things that need to be done. We are given illumination and clear vision concerning the important affairs in our lives. We have a plan of action that is inspired.

There are three alchemical stages that correspond to this time of year.

This is the stage of separation and distillation. The process of analysis and extraction divides the subtle from the gross and we can see for the first time the unrealistic aspects of our hopes, wishes, and dreams. We can see what we are doing wrong and also what we are doing right. We gain personal understandings of ourselves that helps us to be more effective. The lesser stage always involves personal transformation and healing as we align ourselves correctly with the new energy. This is where we learn from our mistakes. Things are not working out and we gain insight into why they have failed.

Here is the stage of sublimation and vaporizing. We attempt to transform our lives into something higher and more refined. We receive illuminations and new insights that transfigure our understanding and we see things in a new way. We gain understanding of what we must do to achieve the things we want in life. The Greater Stage is always one of personal empowerment as we apply in physical life the things we have learned. In this stage we strike out on our own to make our own way in the world. We have the courage to do those things that we want to do.

This is the alchemical stage of projection and the proving of the perfect. Here we have become a catalyst to others. By casting forth our light or wisdom into the world we transmute all that we touch into spiritual gold. By being ourselves we help others progress on the spiritual path. The After stage always involves our interaction with other people and with society in general. It is in the after stage that we become public figures that have the ability to sway public opinion.

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