Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Autumn Equinox



This relates to the TEN cards in the Tarot deck. This is the Solar Festival of Consummation and a full harvest of what has gone before. Here we achieve the natural results of our labor for the past year. The seeds we have planted give the full physical results and we receive that which we have earned. This time brings us either crucifixion or enthronement. As the sun enters Virgo anything in the astral that can physically manifest this year will. Virgo is the most earthy time of the year.

What we spend our time on now is last minute activities and reaping the harvest in preparation for the autumn equinox. The autumn equinox marks the close of the year for our personal efforts. We are so busy experiencing the consequences of our harvest it is difficult to give time to the future. If possible it is best to do both.

At the autumn equinox there are no more alterations of coming events for the coming year. They are now permanently set within the fixed etheric levels and programmed to become physical reality as the year unfolds. The autumn equinox marks the end of our personal efforts and Samhain marks the beginning of the new year at the end of October.

This time period is linked to the first full moon after the equinox and involves a forced expansion on all levels of the astral planes. At this time the astral planes are swelling with energy as all true initiates use this energy as a light for others. This is where spiritual understanding is put into action to achieve physical results.

In occult traditions this is the time of year when the initiation into the mysteries of fire takes place. There are three stages of the alchemical process that naturally occur during this time of year.

In summary this time period between now and the autumn equinox produces both a physical harvest and creates the astral seed for the coming year. The physical harvest acts of its own accord. Our efforts do not affect it. Our efforts affect the major events in our lives through the coming winter,spring and summer by establishing them firmly within the astral planes where they will be allowed to grow.

This is the alchemical stage of conjunction and putrefaction. This is where high spiritual expectations merge forcefully with physical reality and die because they are not realistic. This energetic union between subtle and gross is called the Chymical Wedding. The resulting death of ideals as they rot into blackness create what is known as the FIRST MATTER.

This is the stage of fermentation and leavening. Here there is a general stirring up and excitation that enters into our lives. We attempt to put our thoughts into action to achieve physical results. We try to give service and help others to grow spiritually. This is also where we experience the creation of the"soul body" when we are ready for that experience.

This is when we naturally experience the physical harvest, the completion, glorification, and Sabbath of the Great Work. This reflects the causal link between the astral and physical reality made manifest for the first time in our lives as physical results.

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