Thursday, February 28, 2008


Spring Is Here!

Life Bursting Forth!


This time of the year is the Spring equinox and is linked to the following full moon and Easter. It corresponds to the FIVE cards in the Tarot. It is the official beginning of Spring but also the middle of the leafing season and the middle of the Water initiation.

All of the levels of the Spirit planes experience forced growth and expansion to full size at this time. Our spiritual "baptism" or Ascension begun in the Festival of Dedication continues and that spiritual energy forces our long range goals into view. At this time we are given great visions of our future and hope we may achieve our desires. Society is forced to accept our future plans and alter itself accordingly level by individual level within the astral planes.

Being granted a clear vision of our future inspires us to begin our spiritual quest in earnest. We start by learning to master our emotions and our love. There are three alchemical stages that correspond naturally to this time of the year.


This is the alchemical stage of Solution where the ashes are dissolved into a liquid form by the addition of spiritual energy. The missing details and hidden aspects of our future life are filled in so it becomes capable of becoming physical reality. Our wishes, dreams, and inspirations are brought into awareness and we struggle to discover some way of making them real. We do this with the help of the spiritual energy we have received. We are given a second chance to start fresh and try again.


At this stage our wishes, dreams, and inspirations are potential parts of humanities and our own future. We nourish and feed these astral creations with our love. They grow more and become more glorious as they develop and move downward into the fixed etheric regions of the Spirit planes. They take the final forms they will have in physical reality. We have become established within society.


This is the stage of multiplication and propagation. In the Spirit planes our life's work is fully created and set out before us. Now the implications of our life's work show up as future life acts and catalyst for key events in humanity's future. Ripples of influence spread out in all directions in a willingly creative act that multiplies itself. The act of giving love multiplies that love and increases its fire. Astral events have reached a point where the momentum has built up enough to be self- sustaining. We change the lives of those we come in contact with.

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