Sunday, July 06, 2008




Lugnasadh marks the mid point between the Summer solstice and the Autumn equinox. It is the full moon with the sun in Leo. In nature it is the end of the flowering season and the beginning of the fruiting season.

At this point the astral planes have been completely filled to overflowing and the energy is forced to back itself upward in a reversal of energy flow. The days are now getting shorter but there is still more daylight than darkness. This means the energy is flowing out of the earth and making things grow and mature from the lowest levels to the higher levels. The resolution of each level will bring about the physical harvest.

We receive the first fruits of our labors at this time. In gardening terms we have gotten rid of all the weeds and damaged plants. We are putting all of our efforts into the final healthy ones that are left after the culling and weeding. What we have left is what we are going to work with. Our harvest will depend upon what is physically manifesting right now. We are impelled to do those things that are physically important to us and rushing to finalize important and critical events before it is too late to change them.

This symbolic joining of male and female energies leads to the crowning Christ Light of the Initiate and Priest-King. The key events of the past year find their way into physical manifestation and set up the key events for the coming year. It is the harvest at the autumn equinox that gives the seed for next years crop. At this time the Priest-King's life is surrendered in service to those that recognize him.

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