Saturday, February 17, 2007


Life Bursting Forth!

The Earth is waking

By now everyone should know if they are in for an intense spring or a normal one. The lunar cycle acts like a giant heart beat that circulates this years energy and it is having some trouble. When the energy needs to find new pathways we feel it as stress and big things happening in life.

Blockages mean nothing at this time of year. In nature the seed buried in the ground cracks open with a force so violent that it can crack rock. If you feel this kind of energy in your life prepare for an interesting summer and fall. The shell that encases you is going to crack wide open.

There is newness in the air and raw power. Expect mother nature to assert herself as she struggles to right the earths ecological balance. This means storms and natural disasters combined with unusual weather conditions. It also means the incredible beauty of unrestrained nature and her passion for life.

This springs energy is going to stir us and awaken us at some very deep levels. It's already happening. 2007 is the first year of the earth settling into the energy and ways of the new eon. In past years there were traces of this new energy but the old energy dominated. This year for the first time the new energy dominates and it is doing some house cleaning as it circulates through earth's astral planes bursting through barriers and finding its own pathways.

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