Sunday, May 06, 2007


Full Moon, Sun in Gemini

The full moon with the sun in Gemini is known as the Christ Festival in memory of the ascension of Christ into the heavens after his crucifixion. In pagan circles it is more noted for the distinct change in the earth's energy at this time. The upward rush of earth energy reaches its resolution in a magickal wave of flowering.

If we use the metaphor of planting a seed in the garden we can say that divine light energy enters the seed at the winter solstice and begins to fill it and fill the earth. By the spring equinox both the seed and the earth are filled to completion and the energy begins to back up. This is experienced as a flow of energy out of the core of the earth and out of the core of the seed in a reverse current. This is what the sexual fires of Beltaine celebrate.

These invigorating energies give life to the seed and to the earth causing life to grow. By the full moon in Gemini the seed has turned into a plant or died. That is the way for ideas and other things as well. By this time our plans have been put into physical action. Our ideas have manifested physically and now they need to grow and mature. The ones that are impractical have been cast aside to make way for the ones that have survived.

We don't know what kind of harvest they may bring but we need to pull the weeds and tend our gardens. This means to take care of what we already have and nurture it. Our main plan of action for the summer and fall months is in effect. We know what we need to do.

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